Eder all but ensures Italy winning the group

In what was a scrappy, broken up and ugly game, it was a moment of individual skill that saw Italy take home 3 more points from striker Eder to all but ensure they will win their group.


Zlatan and the rest of the swedes will look to win their group stage game against Belgium or not reach the knock out stages as the Italians snuck all 3 points in the death of the game. In what has become a constant theme in these Euros, it was another late winner after the 88th minute that decided the outcome of the match.

Their wasn’t many chances before that and the few chances that were presented were not converted as Zlatan missed a sitter in front of goal in the 72nd minute and Parolo missed a header as well.

No one was giving any shot to the Italians to win their group but like many times before they always seem to find a way and now look poised to make a deep run with their grueling counter attack style.

Italy faces Ireland in their last match of the group next week.




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