Frank Lampard late goal to grab a point from Chelsea

Frank Lampard and City hosted the League leaders Chelsea on Sunday in an early clash of title favorites. Mourinho and his men found themselves at an advantage when Pablo Zabaleta received his 2nd yellow card in a scuffle with Diego Costa. Many questioned why Costa wasn’t sent of as well but one thing for sure was the dynamic of the game changed immensely.

Chelsea were able to capitalize after a beautiful counter attack that found Andrea Schurrle netting the opening goal.

City though were able to mount a tying goal to ensure a share of the spoils behind a melancholic goal for Frank Lampard against his former club. Lampard found a resounding ovation from the traveling Chelsea fans. John Terry was quoted saying that he “Hoped that Frank one day will be able to receive the ovation and praise he deserves at the Bridge(Stamford).

Frank Lampard reflected on his goal and the match after the game in this short interview.

-Disgruntled Sports Fan

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