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Ilkay Gündogan rumors to Barcelona Intensify

The German midfielder has had links with Football Club Barcelona intensify in the last few weeks. So what does he offer to the club?

Gundogan is coming off a year where he just recently was re-introduced to first team football after a very long injury recovery. Many question the the longevity of the speedy, creative mid after only 1 instance. What most don’t realize is that the Dortmund camp does not have the most stellar record for fitness and have had many injury problems over the years. Compared to the facilities that Barcelona offer that boasts some of the best physical training staff in the world, this should not be a real concern and Gundogan would greatly benefit from an upgrade in medical/physical care. He was also one of the biggest focal points of Dortmund leading up to the injury at only 21/22 years old. Not to downplay his talent but he would have plenty of time to rotate and the workload on his body would be significantly less at the Catalan Club.


As for the actual talent he possesses, just look back at the 2011-2014 run from Dortmund that culminated in the Champions League final and a Bundesliga Title. His quick and decisive passing, his excellent man marking in the midfield and interception of key passes would bring things that the other Barcelona target Pogba does not bring in terms of withstanding pressure from opposition. He would bring great relief with the departure of Xavi and the approaching of Iniesta’s decline as well.

Barcelona will get ready for this weekend’s clash in Berlin when they take on the Old Lady in the Champions League final.


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