WorldFootie goal of the week: Javi Lara Eibar Glory

It is in our human nature to root for the underdog. We love to see the little guy take on Goliath and overcome the odds. Eibar has not only gotten promotion to the first division on the pitch but also off the pitch. Their story of triumph is the reason for this being goal of the week. 

You see Eibar is a small town club. The stands can only hold about 5200 fans on a good day. When the club reached promotion last year, their was an anti climatic feeling to it. The club wasn’t in the first division yet.¬†They did not meet La Liga’s first division capital requirements. The league states that you must hold $2.32 million(dollars) in capital as a requirement to compete. The feat at the time seemed bleak. The town though got behind the club and through donations from Mom and Pop stores, everyday football fans like me and you, a few celebrities and stars like Xabi Alonso and Illiaramendi they were able to raise the funds just two weeks before kickoff. If they wouldn’t have raised the funds, not only would they have not been in the first division, they actually would have gotten regulated to the Segunda Division B because of not meeting requirements. Thankfully for them they were able to complete the fairy tale. How about that for a feel good story of the week?




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